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Required means a required item.

Name Required
E-mail address Required
Password Required
ID Card number Required
Address Required
Postal code Required
Mobile phone Required
Date of birth Required Day Month Year

Gender Required Male Female
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Preferred work location 1
Preferred work location 2
Preferred work location 3
Preferred work location other
Expected salary
Employment type Required Permanent staff Subcontract staff
Date of availability
Educational background (Click)
Educational background 1
School 1
Specialization, Majors 1
Date of admission 1
Date of graduation 1
Educational background 2
School 2
Specialization, Majors 2
Date of admission 2
Date of graduation 2
Work experience(Click)
Company name 1
Employment status 1
Date started (Year) 1
Date started (Month) 1
Date ended (Year) 1
Date ended (Month) 1
Currently working 1 Currently working
Starting annual salary 1
Ending annual salary 1
Responsibilities 1
Company name 2
Employment status 2
Date started (Year) 2
Date started (Month) 2
Date ended (Year) 2
Date ended (Month) 2
Starting annual salary 2
Ending annual salary 2
Responsibilities 2
Company name 3
Employment status 3
Date started (Year) 3
Date started (Month) 3
Date ended (Year) 3
Date ended (Month) 3
Starting annual salary 3
Ending annual salary 3
Responsibilities 3
Additional information(Click)
TOEIC score
TOEFL score
IELTS score
JLPT score
Other foreign language skills
Computer skills
Training licence/Professional certification
Other skill

Terms of Service

I hereby declare that the above information is true. I do allow OS Recruitment (Thailand) Company Limited to review and investigate my criminal record, education, previous employment and other data written above.


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