Job New Updates

We continue update available jobs for several types of positions. It is shown issue date, position, work location, salary so that candidates are able to consider job type clearly. In addition, candidates can click for apply job on bottom of the right side immediately.

Permanent staff

Date Jobs No Job Title Location Salary Apply now
May 26, 2023 OSR4-20230523-02 Service Engineer (Junior) Bangkok 35,000 - 38,000 Entry
May 26, 2023 OSR4-20230523-01 Service Engineer (Beginner) Bangkok 18,000-25,000 Entry
May 18, 2023 OSR4-20230515-01 Asst. Manager of Shipping Agency Bangkok 35,000-45,000 Entry
May 18, 2023 OSR4-20230427-01 Maintenance Section Leader Rayong 32,000 Entry
May 18, 2023 OSR2-20230517-02 Japanese Interpreter Ayutthaya 30,000–40,000 Entry
May 18, 2023 OSR2-20230517-01 Account Staff Samutprakan 23,000 Entry
May 18, 2023 OSR2-20230515-01 Admin and Accounting Staff Bangkok 25,000-35,000 Entry
May 18, 2023 OSR2-20230512-01 Sales Staff Chonburi 23,000–30,000 Entry
May 12, 2023 OSR4-20230508-01 Warehouse Safety Rayong 50,000 Entry
May 12, 2023 OSR4-20230426-01 HR Section Manager Ayutthaya 50,000-55,000 Entry

Subcontract staff