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Date Jobs No Job Title Location Salary Apply now
Jun-30-2020 OSR1-20190509-02 Sale Representative *Chonburi* Chonburi 15,000-25,000 Entry
Jul-01-2020 OSR1-20190606-01 Sale & Marketing Assistant Staff (Japanese Speaking) Bangkok 40,000-80,000 Entry
Jul-01-2020 OSR1-20190816-01 Technician *Rayong* Rayong 20,000-30,000 (Base salary) Entry
Jul-01-2020 OSR1-20200115-01 Mechanical & Electrical Engineer Bangkok 45,000 (Base Salary) Entry
Jun-30-2020 OSR1-20200214-01 Sales Manager *Rayong* Rayong 40,000-60,000 Entry
Jul-01-2020 OSR1-20200601-01 Sale Staff *AIA Capital Center* Bangkok 20,000-30,000 (Base salary) Entry
Jun-30-2020 OSR2-20200220-01 Sales Manager Bangkok 60,000-100,000 Entry
Jun-30-2020 OSR2-20200414-01 Sewing instructor / Sewing Advisor - Laos Bangkok 60,000 Baht Entry
Sep-08-2020 OSR2-20200901-02 Sales Manager (OEM) Samutprakan 50,000-100,000 Entry
Sep-08-2020 OSR2-20200901-03 Sales Manager *Urgency* Samutprakan 50,000-100,000 Entry

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